Sunday, January 29, 2017

I grew a human!

I know it has been almost 10 months since my last post!  Crazy how fast life can start moving and before you know a month, a year, or even more has passed.  I remember so clearly the days I prayed and hoped for a positive test, prayed and hoped for a heartbeat, prayed and hoped for a healthy anatomy scan, prayed and hoped for a successful delivery, and even prayed and hoped she made it through each night.  Day after day and here we are....a happy, healthy six month old who has made sure her presence hasn't gone unnoticed.  Her smile and laugh are impossible not to love and the relationship she is building with her big sister is so genuinely beautiful.

Of course, babies are a lot, A LOT a MASSIVE amount of work.  So we have our days when I don't think I sit down until 8 p.m. between both kids and being a full-time working, nursing mom.  But, like they say, someday I will miss this noise, constant to do, and utter chaos.

In all, it is ok to let some things go on the back burner, while others take precedent.  I have neglected my blog, but have made being with my little ones a priority.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Will a freebie make it better? Part 2~Pronouns

In my last post I revealed the reason I hadn't blogged in forever!!  I promised to come back and discuss how my class has moved from verbs to pronouns and where we are going from there.

First, we reviewed nouns.  We wrote what each noun was and then came up with some examples.  This was the perfect transition into pronouns.  You can grab this freebie from the Not So Wimpy Teacher.
After a quick intro we dived straight into first, second, and third person subject/object and singular/plural nouns......if that isn't a mouthful!  The kids were looking at me like I was crazy and speaking a language they had NEVER heard.  Luckily we knew what singular, plural, and subject meant...the rest of it seemed difficult to fully understand.  We only did subject and object pronouns for the first week and then moved to possessives the second week.  This chart opened up a lot of conversation and was very helpful in getting all the information to the kids in a systematic way.  We glued ours in our grammar notebooks.  You can get a FREE copy by clicking the picture!
We spent two days working on these pronoun pockets.  This opened a lot of discussion about singular and plural pronouns and whether or not we were included in the group or if the noun was talking about ourselves.  You can grab your FREE copy of the template I used by clicking either of the pictures below.  We even threw in a little alliteration review ;)
We practiced what we had learned with these task cards from the Not So Wimpy Teacher and Polka-Dots in the Panhandle which are both FREE in their stores!  Click the pictures to grab them.
We had a short week due to Easter so there wasn't much time to work on possessives.  We played this super fun game and of course task cards are always sooo easy and versatile!  Grab the game from Melissa's Teaching Mall for FREE and the task cards from Jennifer Bennett for FREE as well!
After our WEEK LONG BREAK....that's right an entire week, we will be combining our learning with pronoun-verb agreement.  I am only on day 1 of break and loving it!!  The last 8 weeks will be rough, but that is NOT what I am focusing on right now :)

We will get back into the swing of things by reviewing pronouns with this four square game which is FREE from my store.  Just click the picture to grab it!
Another one of my favorite things to do as an alternative to worksheets is interactive ppt/pdf.  The questions are displayed on the board and the kids respond with whiteboards or if you are SUPER BRAVE you can let the kids write on their desks!  This is an exclusive FREEBIE just for making it this far!  This is a paid product from my store.  In this pdf the kids will respond to each sentence displayed on the screen with the correct verb that agrees with pronoun.  There are also three intro pages as well!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Will a freebie make it better? Part 1~Verbs

4 months since my last blog post.  I am not sure time is even an excuse, but I promise I have one.
Some one says "hi" from the inards!  The journey getting to this place has not been easy.  We have had some tragic events occur in our path to having another child, but trust in God's plan for us and his will.  I am counting this blessing, but will be even more at peace when she makes it to Earth happy and healthy!
Lately we have been deep in verbs and pronouns for weeks!  To kick off we started with a game to remind ourselves exactly what verbs are!  This is a great freebie from Lindy du Plessis. You can grab yourself a copy by clicking the picture below.
We then moved quickly to verb tenses and more specifically spelling of different tenses.  I used both these $1.00 products to make learning fun and very low prep for myself!  You can click on both to take you to the stores of Vanessa Crown and Teaching with Wit and Wonder.
Next came linking and helping verbs.....oh my, was that chore!  It seemed no matter which one we were working on the kids would refer to the opposite!!  I found these task cards and had the kids identify the verb and write A for action or L for linking.  This is a GREAT freebie, not only because it is free, but also because the text is a bit more challenging for a third grade level. You can grab it from Foreman Teaches.
The last topic was irregular verbs.  Another freebie we used was from Amy Berry. I projected the ppt on the big screen and the kids wrote the irregular past tense verb on whiteboards.  I love activities like this where the kids get WAY more practice then on a worksheet, no grading, engagement, and much more entertaining!
Tune in tomorrow and get the scoop on what we have done with pronouns and where we are going, plus an exclusive FREEBIE from my store!  I will leave you with a picture, compliments of my 3 yr old daughter!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

M.I.A., Holidays, & Freebie Round Up

Firstly, I know it has been too long since I posted. I am sorry...I am a bad blogger :(  Life got in the way Life became a priority.  I have had some tragic events occur and although there is sorrow I am trying to find the joy that will come of hard as it may seem.
I had every intention of getting this up BEFORE Thanksgiving, but we see how well that worked out.  Anyways please store this easy activity away for next year!  I made these quick printables for the kids and they worked with a partner on the Scholastic website to write down some important event from the journey on the Mayflower and then compare and contrast Indians and Pilgrims.

Click on the picture and you can grab the printables!

I am not sure if it is just my class, but I can NEVER find enough time for writing.  We had a three day week during Thanksgiving so it was the perfect opportunity to get this important skill some practice.  I found this freebie that made it SO easy to let each child be successful in their writing!  I followed the ideas she suggested using the post its for brainstorming and categorizing and it worked like a charm!!

I also found some awesome freebies on TPT.  Some I used for homework, class work, work on words, and even extra credit over the short break!  All images are linked back to the TPT store where they can be found!

Verb Tenses Thanksgiving Pilgrim Edition: Past, Present anStand UPS: FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Edition Clip Art Set

FREE: Gobblin' Up Multiple Meaning Words - a Thanksgiving The first Thanksgiving Fact or Fiction Game

Thanksgiving Task Cards Fact or Opinion Thanksgiving FREE

Thanksgiving Challenge! Free Scavenger Hunt Type ActivityHappy Thanksgiving - Making Little Words

Sunday, October 11, 2015

2 Weeks of Matter Ideas and a Giveaway!

To introduce a new topic I love doing an exploratory activity where the kids really have to use their critical thinking skills.  This type of activity can also serve as a pre-assessment.  You can check out my States of Matter pack by clicking the images below!
After doing the introductory activity above, I used a variety of solid and liquid matter picture cards and we talked more about physical properties of matter.  I had each of them choose three pieces of matter and then describe them using each of their five senses.  This was not only moving forward, but also a good review!
The goal was to just see how the children sorted the cards.  They should have been solids, liquids, and gases. These cards and many other goodies can be found in Sheila Melton's store by clicking on one of the pictures.  After discussing how each group sorted the cards we read a passage from about the three states of matter.
On the back of the passage from I copied my molecules in matter page and we used dot stickers and wrote generalizations about each state of was a nice tie to the passage on the front!
The next step to studying matter was discussing mass.  I gave each child a baggie and had them bring one solid from home that would fit in the baggie.  We then weighed our items on the balance scale and wrote down how many grams were in our items.  Sorry, I didn't snap a picture of this activity....all I can say is 100% engagement!  The kids LOVED using their own items and the balance scale!  Afterwards, I mixed up the papers and passed them back out the next day and we came up with conclusions about the mass of each object.
After mass we moved on to volume!  We discussed what volume was and experimented with volume of a liquid and volume of a container. 

 I was surprised to see that many of the kids still thought the taller container was holding the most amount of water.  There were some good conversations as we decided which one may or may not have the most water.  Afterwards, we used a measuring cup and found that they all approximately 250 ML of water.  This was also a good review of liquids taking the shape of their containers.  
Anything using water is super motivating for kids of any age!!
For solid volume we incorporated solids and containers.  The learning target was for each child to understand that a container's volume is fixed.  It doesn't change no matter what product is placed inside it.  We used dirt, beans, bird seed, and grass seed.  We also took it a step further and put each container on the balance scale to see the relationship between volume and mass.  The volume can be the same, while the mass can be more or less.  These recording sheets can be found in my States of Matter pack.
 Volume of a solid was a great tie to math!  We talked about the difference between 2D and 3D measuring when you have to include the LxWxH.  There was A LOT of deep thinking going on here because they kids kept wanting to turn the boxes in all different directions.  We made sure to point out that the height meant how tall, the width meant how wide, and the length was always along the bottom.  We did not actually calculate the volumes as this was an introductory activity to finding volume.
Lastly, I had to do this soda can experiment I found on pinterest.  It was a great way to culminate mass and volume and how their relationship creates density.  Which in turn was a great review of why some small things sink and some big things float.  Once again this simple recording sheet is in my States of Matter pack.
We briefly read about mixtures and solutions in our text and then decided to make scarecrow crunch and pumpkin punch!  I made a recording booklet to go along with it!  I have added it to my States of Matter pack as well!  One thing we did to help make our graphs was take out all the broken pieces and only keep the whole pieces...if not some kids would have had WAY too many pieces.
We really didn't have near enough time for physical and chemical changes.  There were so many fun pinterest experiments learning experiences we just couldn't find time to do.  Study Jams helped us out on this one to get a lot of information in a short time.  I used this cut and paste to do a little assessment which is FREE from More Time 2 Teach.  Just click the image to grab it!

Just for making it all the way down here, enter below for a chance to win a copy of my States of Matter Pack valued at $5!
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