Saturday, August 29, 2015

Making the Move

In the past three years I have taught kindergarten, first, and third and BY FAR the question I get asked most often is "What grade do you like best?"  Honestly, I am a born teacher.
Yes, you can go to college and learn all the techniques, tricks, and curriculum.  However, I am a firm believer that there are some people that are just born to be teachers....let's just say they have a knack for it! Therefore, I have loved every grade I have taught in their own way.  Each grade has its own sets of joys and challenges.  Third being no different.  With only one full week under our belt I have to say that my favorite thing about third, thus far, is the INDEPENDENCE!
We are spending the first two full weeks launching our small group time in both reading and math so don't make the assumption that this super independent age knows your expectations.  It is just nice to not have to teach things like how and when to go to the bathroom, where the lunch room is, how to line up.  The other great thing about the kids being so independent is their abilities to occupy themselves!!!  When the my grade level partner told me that you will just give them work and they will do it....I was like REALLY?!?!

DISCLAIMER:  Since we are still going through expectations and procedures this hasn't happened for me yet, but they have let me turn my back for a few minutes to get my lesson plan together.....totally different than kindergarten and first where you have to occupy them ALL THE TIME!

I am 100% sure that this will be an AMAZING year full of growth for myself and the students and I will quickly be adding to my pro's list for teaching third grade!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

What's in your cart?! Linky

With the big move to third grade this year I knew my TPT cart would be full of new and exciting resources to meet those third grade standards!  I have done my research, anxiously awaited the sale, and HERE IT IS!!!  Well, in a few days anyways.  I wanted to share with you some things I will be purchasing during the Love Back to School TPT Sale.

First, don't forget to go leave feedback on all your paid purchases before checking out!  Those purchases earn you credits to be used towards future items.

Second, don't forget to USE THE CODE!!  There have been many sales where I am sooo excited to get my new products printed and ready to go that I completely forget to add the TPT code for the extra 10%!

If you are interested in sharing what items you plan to purchase please download the above image for you blog post to link back and add your link below!

All product covers have links to TPT!

I knew coming from first that my thirdies were going to need a few different activities for Daily Five.  So here are some items I am purchasing to stock my work on writing area: 
These prompts from The Teacher's Toolbox look sooo kid friendly and integrate a variety of writing styles! 
These editing task cards from Rachel Lynette are going to be perfect for my work on writing to integrate proofreading skills and the kids will LOVE the fun facts.  They are also nice because each card has three my students don't have to guess if they have found them all.

In first grade we were always focusing so much time on phonics and decoding that I really feel I slacked in the fluency department.  I am a BIG FAN of fluent, expressive reading, so I am hoping to get it in with my thirdies!  After much research, I decided upon these from Ashleigh.  I love that they integrate science and social studies, areas we all know never get enough attention!

Multiplication/Division EEK!!  After teaching K and 1st....this is really a new adventure.  Hoping to use these puzzles for our fact fluency math rotation!

I have seen EVERYONE using interactive notebooks and am thinking about giving it a half shot this year!  These are two I am planning to purchase to help me.  The language one is from Nicole Shelby and the reading is from Melissa Mazur.

We just so happen to start school on a Wednesday this year so I saw this and thought it would be the perfect activity for Friday, after we are all EXHAUSTED! Thank you Not So Wimpy Teacher.

I plan to use these procedure task cards, courtesy of Fun in 5th, as a filler for the first few days of school.  They will be a good way to make sure all procedures are covered!

Well there you have it!  Don't tell my husband about this, because he would not be happy!!

If you are interested in sharing what items you plan to purchase please download the above image for you blog post to link back and add your link below!