My Classroom

This year I moved from first to third, so with the addition of chapter books I decided to extend my library into two sections.
This is our chapter book section.  I have the books categorized by series, author, and then misc. authors.  There are also a few lower leveled buckets here for those who need them.  

You can also see a snippet of our gathering space, calendar, and our FACE menu!
 This is our picture book section.  I have the books mostly by theme, holidays, and a few genres.
 This is our word work shelf.  There are a few odds and ends we store here too!  We use a tic tac toe menu to work on our spelling words throughout the week with various activities.  Some include play-doh, magna doodles, stamps, pens, skinny markers, smelly markers, dry erase markers, magnetic letters, scrabble letters etc.
 This is our math shelf.  We store a lot of math fact practice games here.  We have four in a row, battleship, ladders, walk the plank, squares, dry erase sheets, and other math odds and ends.
One of the things I have tried to achieve in my classroom, no matter the grade, is make as many things accessible to the kids as possible.  The more independent and self-sufficient they are then the less work for me!  Here is where we store extra pencils, lotion, band-aids, nurse pass sheets, a stapler, tape, extra rulers, extra scissors, extra glue and dry erase caps.  Basically anything the kids could need throughout the day they can find here!
Here is our word wall and our listening to reading...pretty self explanatory!
This is our work on writing area.  Here you will find our class journals, letter writing templates, writing prompts, editing cards, steps to a thoughtful response, dictionaries, cursive writing printables, word charts, extra markers, extra crayons, and of course our AMAZING sharpener from friendly classroom supplies!

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