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I love cringe  when people ask me what grade I teach....hmmm good question.  In the 6 years I have been teaching I have taught 4, yes FOUR different grades; K, 1st, 3rd, and now 6th.  I have a very "primary" mind and really didn't want to leave EVERYTHING I love about those younger grade levels behind.  Here is a peak into my classroom this year!!

 Here is where I started.  The abrupt and short term move to 6th meant I left my previous classroom ready for a different grade.  So now not only did I have to sift, organize, & purge through a retired teachers remains (6th), but also had to pack up my previous classroom supplies which were not relevant to my new grade.  Then here is what I was left with.  I spent A LOT of time here this summer!

One thing I love dearly is reading aloud to kids!  Although I am not the reading teacher for my group, I wanted to keep some picture books to squeeze into my science and social studies topics!  I have a deep love for my alphabet rug so I am definitely not leaving it anywhere!  You will also see that I have lots of comfy seating options for small group and roam the room activities.
This is our first year adopting some PBIS-ish rules so we are fully embracing them in our classroom and throughout the school!
Along with our PBIS-ish behavior model we are implementing safe seats and buddy seats!  This is the 4th or maybe 5th year that I have had a teacher "space" rather than a teacher desk.  I will NEVER EVER EVER go back to a teacher desk if I have my way.  My back table is such a better use of space!
One of the things I have tried to achieve in my classroom, no matter the grade, is make as many things accessible to the kids as possible.  The more independent and self-sufficient they are then the less work for me!  Here is where we store extra pencils, lotion, band-aids, nurse pass sheets, a stapler, tape, extra rulers, extra scissors, extra glue and dry erase caps.  Basically anything the kids could need throughout the day they can find here!

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