Sunday, March 27, 2016

Will a freebie make it better? Part 1~Verbs

4 months since my last blog post.  I am not sure time is even an excuse, but I promise I have one.
Some one says "hi" from the inards!  The journey getting to this place has not been easy.  We have had some tragic events occur in our path to having another child, but trust in God's plan for us and his will.  I am counting this blessing, but will be even more at peace when she makes it to Earth happy and healthy!
Lately we have been deep in verbs and pronouns for weeks!  To kick off we started with a game to remind ourselves exactly what verbs are!  This is a great freebie from Lindy du Plessis. You can grab yourself a copy by clicking the picture below.
We then moved quickly to verb tenses and more specifically spelling of different tenses.  I used both these $1.00 products to make learning fun and very low prep for myself!  You can click on both to take you to the stores of Vanessa Crown and Teaching with Wit and Wonder.
Next came linking and helping verbs.....oh my, was that chore!  It seemed no matter which one we were working on the kids would refer to the opposite!!  I found these task cards and had the kids identify the verb and write A for action or L for linking.  This is a GREAT freebie, not only because it is free, but also because the text is a bit more challenging for a third grade level. You can grab it from Foreman Teaches.
The last topic was irregular verbs.  Another freebie we used was from Amy Berry. I projected the ppt on the big screen and the kids wrote the irregular past tense verb on whiteboards.  I love activities like this where the kids get WAY more practice then on a worksheet, no grading, engagement, and much more entertaining!
Tune in tomorrow and get the scoop on what we have done with pronouns and where we are going, plus an exclusive FREEBIE from my store!  I will leave you with a picture, compliments of my 3 yr old daughter!

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