Thursday, January 29, 2015

100th Day and Product Swap Spoiler

I did it! I survived the 100th day!  Now that I teach first, after two years in K, I thought, oh this will be a breeze........ WRONG!  Like always, I didn't anticipate things would take as long as they did and we didn't complete everything 100% but we all learned a lot and had a fun day.  But, I am so tired...I felt like I talked all day, explaining the different activities and facilitating.  
Our morning work consisted of this fun word search from I HAVE NO IDEA....I looked everywhere to find where I got this from. If you know please let me know so I can give credit!  It was super cute and fun for a different morning work! 
I compiled the 100th Day of School packet for each of the students from Four-Eyes Learning Factory!
The kids also wrote 100 words - I was actually the most surprised by this activity at how INDEPENDENT the kids were with this.  I let them work with a partner but they just went and did it, using names, sight words, and searching the was so classroom peaceful!
We kept the timer going every 100 minutes and did a brain break!  
Every year it is fun to do the 100 piece puzzles! 

By far my most favorite activity today was the "100 Years Old."  Truthfully, it wasn't even the hilarious pictures of all my kiddos looking elderly, but the AMAZING job they did on the writing.  They all really were creative and unique.  I was surprised at how much they knew about old people.  I made it easy and put a prompt on the board and went through each sentence discussing good words to fill in the blanks.
I had each kid also bring in 100 items and we examined our items using math, science, and literacy with my 100 Day of School Collection Book

I asked around school for the rubber tape measures that were at least 120" and put the kids into groups so each group could have their own tape measure.

We then weighed our items with nonstandard measurement using bears.  There is also a page for this in my 100 Day Collection Book I just didn't snag a picture.  We are blessed to have multiple scales so each group could have their own.

We also worked with a 120's chart from Beth Kempf at Taming My Flock of Firsties.  Come back and visit my blog on Saturday, January 31st to try and win her amazing packet that this comes from.... 

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