Saturday, January 10, 2015

GoNoodle Sanity Saver Linky

If you teach primary and haven't heard of GoNoodle you are seriously missing out!  I have done technology enhanced brain breaks from day 1 but usually just cute videos I found online and downloaded for the kids.  With GoNoodle it is so much easier and there is an endless supply of videos that have a wide array of uses from calming to getting those wiggles out!  There is also a class mascot that is "leveled up" after every ten minutes of play.  The loudest cheers come from my room when the kids have reached another ten and they see our little creature change!
Favorite GoNoodle Brain Break: "Freeze It" is a favorite of mine that has a variety of categories both educational and just for fun!  The educational categories even let you choose a grade level to meet the needs of the kids.  This is a fun one with emotions - - - I definitely wanted this one to set for just a bit longer :)

Happy Place: I am such a Type A personality that I can hardly just sit there and do most people this is called relaxing, but for me, this is hard to do.  Truthfully, I need to do more of it and not always feel the need to be doing something productive.

Guilty Pleasure: It has been almost a year since I went low carb and although it is still hard to this day my one pleasure is COFFEE!  I don't really eat anything sweet so I can really get my fix with a nutty cup o' joe...sugar free of course.  I am very particular - half decaff and half regular with 5 creams and 5 splenda or if I am feeling an iced coffee it has to be sugar free vanilla with 5 creams and 5 splenda on the side.  I do not let them put the sweetener in so that I can taste it beforehand and make sure they didn't accidentally use the sugary vanilla  - - - it happens!
Keep Calm And: PRETEND IT'S ON THE LESSON PLAN!  Either I had a rough week or my blonde roots were showing -- sorry if you're a natural blonde -- but Friday this week I actually did the complete wrong reading lesson that was scheduled for next Friday....of course once we were 10 minutes in we just went with it.  Then during Math, one of my kids raises her hand and asks, "When are we going to take the spelling test?!"  FACE PALM - yep completely forgot.  No didn't forget to do it....never put it in the lesson plans ugh!!  Oh and there is more.....I am catching up on some lessons for next week with 5 minutes until my kids come back from library and I overhear the teacher across the hall telling her kids to not take their report cards out of the envelopes until they get home.  FACE PALM - yep completely forgot.  Now this one I did have the cards just never got them into the envelopes, so I frantically stuffed 19 report card envelopes and made 19 copies of our spelling test.  The kids didn't notice a thing!

Thanks to Elizabeth at Kickin It in Kindergarten for hosting this fun linky!  If you are interested in linking up please visit her blog!!!
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  1. McDonald's does have some good coffee! I always forget to go there to get coffee. Probably because I would end up ordering a cheeseburger and fries instead :-p Thanks for linking up!

  2. Our class mascot is Squatchy Berger too! My kiddos LOVE him!!! :) We've never done "Freeze It" before.....we'll try it this week!

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