Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All About our Earth and TPT Sale

Due to all the snow and freezing temperatures it has taken us about twice as long to get through this unit but the kids were very interested in our Earth!  I think their favorite studies were the bodies of water.  The conversation about not being able to drink salt water was priceless....the epitome of what a first grader would say!  "BUT I HAVE DRANK SALT WATER BEFORE WHEN I HAD A CUT!!!"  Right, but you can't LIVE off of salt water.  Oh and explaining how 3/4 of the Earth is covered with water...they kept saying the Earth is split into four parts. Hehehe!

I wanted to hook my kids in a fun and engaging way so I gave each student a picture of a particular land form and then had them find their group.  After they thought they had found the correct groups I had each one come to the front of the room and discuss how they knew they belonged together.  The discourse was great to hear them talk about why or why not they were in a group.  The peanut gallery was also chiming in with great input as well!  We finally sorted them in our pocket chart.

After we had our little introduction to landforms we read about the different landforms and created a book.


We then moved on to bodies of water with this informational non-fiction book!  
We also did this super fun flap book!

As a culmination of our studies we did a class true or false sort.

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