Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thinking Quick On Your Feet - Vowel Digraphs

Every teacher loves snow days - well at least most of the time.  But some people don't understand that it can sometimes make it tricky for the teacher to be off one, two, or even three days, like our school was this past week! I am not sure if it is personality or just because I am a new-ish teacher but I like to go home for the weekends with the next week fully planned.  Well MOSTLY planned.  

Therefore, when snow days happen EVERYTHING gets shifted, rescheduled, or even thrown out or skipped for time sake.  We went back on Thursday and with only two days I didn't want to move on in our phonics lessons.  So Wednesday night I had to completely re-do my plans, ugh!

FYI:  Our school uses Treasures but we also use Saxon Phonics so of course they don't follow the same sequence - - so that can be tricky!

In our reading the weekly skill was vowel digraph EA but we had only learned vowel digraph EE in our phonics curriculum so I thought those days would be perfect to work on that skill.  Pinterest to the rescue!!
First I introduced this skill with a comparison of EE words and EA words that sounded the same but were spelled differently and meant something different.  We talked about them being homophones but didn't go into that much detail.  It was an easy way to introduce this skill and tie into what they already knew!
I put EE and EA words on index cards and put them around the room.  The students recorded the words with EA on the leaf and the EE words on the tree.  They cut them out and glued onto a white sheet but I didn't grab a picture - sorry!

 Then on Friday we used the same word cards to play bingo!  The kids LOVE bingo but we never have time so it was a rare treat!
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