Sunday, February 22, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Tip

I have been buying from TPT for about 3 years but just recently began heavily producing my own resources and offering them to other teachers.  What I have learned from being a buyer and a seller is amazing and during this post I want to share a very valuable how to tip.

After you buy a product or download a free product they are all stored in your MY TPT under MY PURCHASES.  Once you click on my purchases you will be able to see everything you have purchased and downloaded for free.
On the following page you will be able to click PAID PURCHASES or FREE DOWNLOADS.
You will want to go in your paid purchases and free downloads to see if any of your resources have been revised.  You can click on the green - DESCRIPTION OF REVISION to see why and what was revised.  Sometimes it may be typos (ouch!! hate when I do that) or it may be that the author added more to the product (yes!!!).  Of course then you will want to click DOWNLOAD NOW re-download the revised edition of the product.

Why is this important?  Yearly resources, such as New Years and Calendars, are revised each year so once you purchase them you get all the revisions for FREE!  Also, many authors revise and update older products to be bigger and better, once again you paid once but get all the revisions for FREE!  The most practical reason is when an author accidentally has typos or erros in a product, hopefully, they have revised the product and then you can re-download the revised edition.

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