Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Changes and I need your HELP!

It has been a VERY busy week so I am sorry I haven't been blogging very much.  I work at a private school so although there is a sense of job security, our grade levels fluctuate due to the enrollment.  Some years our numbers are up and some years our numbers are down.  I previously taught Kindergarten and am now teaching First.  Next year I will be moving to third grade!  Although I am nervous about the jump, I am excited to get a variety of teaching experience and know it will make me a better teacher in the long run.   
This is where I need help from you all!  I have used Daily Five in my classroom every year and I LOVE IT and the KIDS LOVE IT and I want to use it in my coming third grade class.  I would love to find some other teacher bloggers that use Daily Five in the upper elementary so I can get a idea of what it could look like.  It seems the world of teacher bloggers is bountiful in the lower grades, but I am having trouble finding much for third.
I have the CAFE book on the way and WORD NERDS so I can get inspiration for how I will run my literacy block too!
If you have any good advice, well wishes, or links please leave me a comment!


My kids did this adorable holy trinity craft this week and had a blast!  Our religion curriculum can be a bit dry, so I am always looking for ways to increase engagement.

I found this great freebie here at Sunday School

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