Monday, April 6, 2015

Movement, Sun, and a Wedding?!

I hadn't planned on blogging tonight, but here I am!  A fellow teacher pal needed some fresh ideas for a phonics lesson coming up and I suggested sit on it from the amazing Kelley Dolling author of Teacher Idea Factory!  She has sooo many, like overwhelming, pin pin pin for later EVERY SINGLE THING ideas!  As I was stalking reviewing her blog I came across a linky she was once doing.  Not sure if this is an active linky party or not, but I only had two days last week due to a sick kid and this week is Spring Break so I won't have much to share for a while.
Just before my secretary came in to tell me my daughter had come down with a fever we were reviewing sums of 10!  Here in Missouri the weather can be a bit unpredictable, but don't tell anyone I said it I think it may FINALLY be SPRING!!!  There have still been sporadic cool days, but we have also had sunny and 70 as well!  I can't fight the urge to get outside and soak up the sun as much as possible, even if we all have to be at school.
 I found this game for practicing sums of 10 from Nicole Bunt at First Grade Owls.  Best of all it is free!  We played with partners then did a boys vs. girls race!
If you haven't read my ABOUT ME section then you may have guessed I got hitched.  Well, my husband and I just recently celebrated our five year anniversary!  It was my little sis that finally tied the knot.  It was a one of our beautiful sunny days and an amazing amount of fun!
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  1. You made my night . . . thank you so much for the shout!

    1. Oh no thank you! We love all your engaging and educational games!

  2. So glad your kiddos liked the Lickety Split game! Thanks for the shout out!