Thursday, April 16, 2015

Work on Writing Daily Five Linky

Daily Five is an AMAZING and SUPER EASY approach to literacy centers.  If you haven't heard of Daily Five then you need to run now go check it out.  There is a a great book written by "The Sisters" that outlines everything you need to implement this approach in your classroom.

I am linking up with A Burst of First to share what we do for each of the fives in our classrooms.  Sadly, I missed the Word Work link up, but I do have our Word Work area in this post --> MY CLASSROOM.
Here is our word work area for my first grade class.  I did previously teach kindergarten so I want to make sure if any teachers are new to Daily Five that they know it looks much different in kindergarten.
By FAR my favorite thing in my work on writing area is our picture dictionaries and word strips.  These come in handy seriously EVERY DAY!!  I force myself to make the kids go there to find words rather than spell them for them. And very quickly, the kids become independent.  
These are the word strips I have on a ring for the kids to use:
These are the word charts I keep in page protectors in a small binder folder:
I have another set that I use with these word charts: 
The second favorite thing at my work on writing area is the stencils and how to draw books!  Kids can get SO frustrated when trying to draw so these resources are life savers.

Some of my favorite paper choices come from the following sources:

Here are some goodies I snapped that my kiddos have worked on at our writing area:

A big thanks to Deirdre from A Burst of First for hosting this linky!!

A Burst of First

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